Breast Reduction in Turkey
ANA SAYFA 9 Breast Reduction in Turkey

Breast reduction procedures have one of the highest satisfaction rates in plastic surgery. While shapely breasts are a mark of femininity, breasts that are too large can create a host of problems ranging from embarrassment to actual physical problems and can often be a medically necessary procedure, covered by insurance. Breast reduction surgery can help reduce back pain, neck pain, rashes and skin irritations caused by breasts that are too large for a woman’s body. Large breasts make it difficult for women to exercise and often invite unwanted attention, stares and rude comments. Breast reduction is often combined with a tummy tuck, and is performed in a hospital or out-patient surgery center. Women who have breast reduction usually return to work in about a week, and the swelling and bruising take 2-4 weeks to improve.

In national surveys: The breast reduction procedure routinely produces one of the highest satisfaction rates in all of plastic surgery. This is because the purpose of the procedure is not purely cosmetic; most women think of it as a medically necessary procedure (covered by insurance). Oversized breasts are often painful, cause back and neck pain, and cause rashes and skin irritations. They also make it difficult to exercise comfortably; and the stares, the unwelcome attention, and the rude comments are often difficult to bear. These are just a few reasons why women with oversized breasts choose breast reduction surgery for help.

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