Tummy Tuck Surgery in Istanbul, Turkey
ANA SAYFA 9 Tummy Tuck Surgery in Istanbul, Turkey

Tummy tuck surgery: also known as abdominoplasty surgery, aims at flattening abdomen by removing excess and loose skin and fat and tightening muscles and fascia in the abdominal walls. It also helps in removing some stretch marks in lower abdomen area. It is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure followed by sudden weight-loss, pregnancy or when flabby stomach with weak muscles damages body contour. Results are beyond satisfactory as patients report improvement in self-confidence and self-esteem.

When can you consider an abdominoplasty?

  • • If you have bulging and protruding abdomen which makes you look unattractive
  • • If you have stretch marks, extra flab or excess skin in abdominal area that fails to improve with exercise and diet
  • • If you think that your self-esteem and self-confidence have got affected because of stomach contour
  • • In case your abdomen’s shape has been affected by massive weight loss or pregnancy

Advantages of tummy tuck surgery Turkey
• You will look much better in swimwear and clothes.
• It will help in restoring flat and firm tummy.
• Post-surgery, you will have youthful looking figure.

Tummy tuck procedure

In abdominoplasty, cosmetic surgeon removes abdominal skin, and tightens abdominal muscles with sutures.

• Incisions will be made on the centre of torso and at the location where navel will be repositioned

• Surgery is perfumed under local anaesthesia

• The primary incision for the procedure will be made above the pubic area from one hipbone to the other. In case of full tummy tuck surgery, another incisor is made near navel. In a mini-abdominoplasty, a shorter incision will be made

• Now skin from abdominal wall to ribcage will be loosen followed by sutures in the fascia of abdomen walls for tightening them. This part of surgery is all about muscle repair.

• After suturing abdominal muscles, cosmetic surgeon will remove excess deposits of fat by making use of liposuction. Then your abdominal skin is stretched down over the incision line and excess skin is removed.

• Now surgeon will make a mark on the placement of navel. Even though skin surrounding navel has been moved, navel remains in its original place. A hole is cut through the skin and sutures are made round navel

• Making use if staples, tissue, steri-strips, sutures and glue, incisions are closed.

• In case of full abdominoplasty, cosmetic surgeon inserts one or more than one drains for preventing fluid build-up which might pressurise incision.

The goal of tummy tuck surgery is to help you get better and improved figure. Surgeon along with his staff strives to make your surgical experience comfortable.


Am I Candidate For The Tummy Tuck Procedure?

You are a candidate if you would like to have toned and flat abs. Common candidates are post pregnancy women and individuals who have lost significant weight, thus having loose skin in the stomach area. Other candidates include people who have had liposuction, or the lap band procedure. Often times there is a portion of extra skin which you cannot seem to get rid of. You also work hard for your body, and would like a minor tummy tuck to improve the tightening of loose skin. After pregnancy, weight loss, or aging the procedure can help patients with body contour and the shape of their abdomen. Many patients who plan to lose significant weight should postpone the tummy tuck procedure. It should be noted that scars that are visible, prior to the tummy tuck procedure, may affect the procedure. It is best to contact us for a in depth consultation. We have locations throughout Istanbul.

How Much Will This Surgery Cost?

The cost is determined on a case by case basis. Contact us to schedule a free consultation, or you may attend a Patient Education Seminar, which we periodically host in the greater Istanbul area. We will analyze your specific body type and determine the path and recommendations for an appealing outcome. We work with your budget and also offer financing options.

How Long Is The Healing Process & Risks?

Individuals have different healing times to the procedure, however generally, 1 week to 4 weeks recovery time is common. And as with any surgery the patient is advised to avoid extreme activities and movement. The surgery site may have soreness and tenderness during the recovery. The doctors are careful to minimize scars, which should fade over time. Scars may take up to 1 year to reach optimal visual appearance.

Even though thousands of tummy procedures are carried out in Istanbul, there are certain risks that all surgery procedures have. If the procedure is performed by a certified doctor, the results are generally very positive for patients. Post operation complications can include infection and blood clots, however these cases are very rare. Patients who are subjected to infections are treated with antibiotics, which may increase your hospital stay. Anyone who actively smokes cigarettes will be advised to stop, since smoking can cause complications and delay of healing to your scars.

As far as tummy tuck surgery cost in Turkey is concerned, it depends of several factors. It is only when you consult a cosmetic surgeon that you will get to know the exact cost of the entire surgery. Surgeon performs complete check-up in order to determine the best surgical procedure for you. Tummy tuck surgery is performed as either standalone procedure or in combination with other procedures. However, one thing you can be assured of is the result of this procedure which will help you identify an all new you.

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