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Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

Sometimes, liposuction alone is not enough to contour the abdominal wall to a satisfactory degree. If there is a significant amount of skin laxity or weakness of the underlying muscle layer, an abdominoplasty or “tummy tuck” is required to produce the optimal result.

What does it involve?

An abdominoplasty is an operation in which a wedge of lower abdominal skin is excised along with the underlying fatty tissue. If the abdominal muscles are weak, they can be tightened at the time
of surgery. In some cases, the amount of skin to be removed is large enough to warrant moving the navel or “belly button”.

Surgery usually involves a general anaesthetic but occasionally an epidural anaesthetic supplemented with local anaesthetic may be used.

The operation lasts for approximately two hours. As might be expected, suture lines are often long but dissolving sutures are used for most of the closure.

Is a hospital stay necessary?

A hospital stay for one or two nights is generally advisable. This is due to the procedure leaving the abdomen feeling very tight and, as a result, movement can be uncomfortable for a few days.
A hospital environment will help ensure that pain relief is on hand if required.


Once at home, activities need to be remain restricted for a few weeks. Generally, quiet activities can recommence four or five days after surgery while driving a car is usually possible towards the end of the first week.

The timing of a return to work depends on the nature of the work to be performed. Office work
is usually possible at two weeks after surgery but tasks requiring extended periods of standing
or strenuous effort should be left for three or four weeks.

Activities requiring considerable exertion should be avoided for three to four weeks.

Tummy Tuck Surgery Procedure

Abdominoplasty surgery or tummy tuck surgery as many call it, has advanced over the years. Tummy tuck surgery is the fastest way to lose 3 inches off of your stomach, although a tummy tuck proceeder is not alwaysthe way to go to get rig of belly fat.

Abdominoplasty surgery is used by many women who have just gone through a pregnancy who are embarrassed about excess belly fat, and aim to get rid of belly fat fast. Middle age also effects people wanting to lose belly fat, tummy tuck surgery becomes very attractive to many in this catergory. Also certain medical conditions cause excess fat and can be removed with a tummy tuck procedure. For instance male tummy tuck has become very popular for getting rid of excess belly fat.

Tummy tuck surgery is different to liposuction, although liposuction can be used in the same abdominoplasty procedure to get rid of belly fat. Abdominoplasty surgery involves making two incisions, one near the pubic area, hip to hip, the other near or above the belly button. This depends on each patient and how much excess belly fat needs to be removed during a tummy tuck operation.

tummy tuck plastic surgery photoThe tummy tuck cost of abdominoplasty surgery can be very expensive and it’s always a good idea to shop around for the best tummy tuck prices. The cost of a tummy tuck can be better dealt with by applying for tummy tuck finance. Cosmetic tummy tuck has become more acceptable by many who find it’s the best way to lose belly fat and excessive skin. Sometimes stubborn belly fat which has developed over the years, may not have come from excessive eating.tummy tuck photos

Tummy tuck recovery from removing excess belly fat and to lose belly fat fast can take up to 1- 5 weeks depending on each tummy tuck procedure, and 3 – 6 months full for a full tummy tuck recovery. To prevent scarring of deep cuts, from a complete tummy tuck rest during those first few weeks after abdominoplastry surgery is recommended. Can vitamin e help prevent scarring? it helps, vitamin e for scarring, scarring gel… it all helps. Adominoplasty recovery after abdominplastry surgery will depend entirely on each individual.

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