Brief Summary On Facial Liposuction
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The main target of facial liposuction is the neck, chin and jowls. The process includes removing of fat deposits and can be combined with face lift procedure. Facial liposuction can transform plump and old looking face into a much younger and rejuvenated appearance. The procedure is noted to be very safe and the result is outstanding.

How is facial liposuction done?

The procedure of facial liposuction includes the use of micro-cannula employing tumescent technique that uses injections in infusing fluids directly into the affected areas while the fats are also suctioned.For areas like neck, jowls and chin, facial liposuction can do better when match to other surgical methods. Also, what makes it even better is that its scarring rate is very low because it uses incision pattern which can minimize the appearance of scars.

Who qualifies for Facial Liposuction?

You will qualify for facial liposuction if you are someone who desires to eliminate the ugly pockets of fats in your face. In most cases, age never become a problem in having facial liposuction but it is good to note that those who have skin that is fairly elastic would definitely attain better result than those that have poor skin elasticity. Finally, the soundest decision you can make before deciding to get o facial liposuction is to talk to a qualified surgeon first to verify if you qualify for the said surgery.

Recovery after Facial Liposuction

The time required for facial liposuction recovery is relatively short. And most of the time, patients who just undergo facial liposuction will likely to experience minor discomfort coupled with some swelling and bruising. While it is inevitable, the good news is that it will not last longer. Most likely, the pain will subside after around seven days. And normally, patient who had facial liposuction can already return to work or other normal activities one week after the surgery. However, themaximum benefits of the surgery can be seen approximately 3 to 6 months past the surgery.

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