General Info On Power Assisted Liposuction
ANA SAYFA 9 Liposuction 9 General Info On Power Assisted Liposuction

Way before power assisted liposuction was developed, plastic surgeons found it very hard to remove all of the fats that need to be eliminated. This is because it’s very hard to move the liposuction tube known as cannula in a backward and forward manner. But today, power assisted liposuction can significantly increase the capability of the surgeon to deliver great results as with PAL, he or she can easily control the device especially in thoroughly removing the fats.

How Power Assisted Liposuctionis performed?

Power assisted liposuction produces quick small vibrations which will cause the fats to break and be suctioned easily using the cannula. Because of this technology, plastic surgeons are able to perform the process of removing pockets of fats faster than usual. With this, the patient will be able to attain improved result in a very short and safe process.

PAL is basically done employing tumescent liposuction technique. It means that the doctor will use injections in injecting anesthetic fluids to the areas that needs treatment. This is done to attain smooth transferring of fats using the cannula in getting fats out from the patient’s body.

Benefits of Power Assisted Liposuction

With power assisted liposuction, the surgeon will not have to exert so much effort as the vibrating cannula feature of PAL can easily release fatty cells out from the body. Research show that power assisted liposuction can work better in removing fats compared to manual liposuction. In fact it was found out that thirty percent more fats are removed using PAL technology while recovery period is also shortened because bruising is reduced.

Power assisted liposuction can effectively treat hard-to-reach areas that are extremely hard to sculpt like the belly button area, inner thighs as well as male breasts. These difficult areas can even be reached and treated within a short period of time. Therefore, patients are less prone to risks and complications. Moreover, there were several reports that many patients are actually very happy about the post liposuction results of PAL as its benefits lasts longer.

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