Gynecomastia Surgery in Turkey, Istanbul
ANA SAYFA 9 Gynecomastia Surgery in Turkey, Istanbul


Gynecomastia is a simple, treatable, non-harmful condition that affects men of all ages, all around the world. Take control of your life and don’t let yourself be ashamed by not fitting into society’s mould of “perfect body”.


In layman’s language, gynecomastia is “man-boobs”. It is caused by an imbalance of estrogen in the body, which causes the development of the mammary glands. It can be further exacerbated by being overweight, which make the nipples appear even larger.


Gynecomastia is most common in young men in the age group of 12 -18, when they enter puberty. During this period, they have severe hormonal imbalances, including the presence of extra estrogen, which triggers mammary growth.

Bodybuilders are also prone to this condition, particularly if they use steroids. The extra testosterone present in a bodybuilder’s body converts back to estrogen and causes the engorgement of their nipples. However, due to the body fat of a bodybuilder, they do not develop full breasts because they cannot develop the adipose tissue.

Less commonly, men on certain medications are also prone to this condition. The downside is that they will have gynecomastia during the treatment because it is inadvisable to stop treatment to fix this cosmetic condition.


The first thing to try is diet and exercise, especially if you are young. Diet and exercise will not only get you into better shape, but improve and cover-up the state of your chest. However, if you are a young man with severe gynecomastia, it is advisable to see a doctor.

Men with severe gynecomastia, or who simply want to get rid of their man boobs can see a plastic surgeon and male breast reduction done. However, it can be an expensive undertaking. Usually, gynecomastia is considered a cosmetic condition, and is not covered by insurance policies.

Many times gynecomastia clears up in time on its own, and all you need is a little patience. However, you don’t need to be ashamed of your body with gynecomastia. It is a very common condition, which can be easily resolved – if you choose to treat it.


Well, most gynecomastia experts or surgeons will advise you to wait before taking a treatment for Gynecomastia. Surprising as it may sound, but it is true that gynecomastia recedes with age as the hormonal fluctuations during the pubertal age simmer down gradually. Being patient till gynecomastia resolve son itself may not be an ideal situation but it could prove cost-effective.

Although exercise cannot completely reduce your gynecomastia, it can help lessen the fat that forms underneath the enlarged mammary gland. Exercise will also help your self-esteem and give a major boost to the overall quality of life. In some other cases, male bodybuilders who use steroids are also prone to getting gynecomastia. These steroids contain excess testosterone, which helps them to lift heavy weights, but the testosterone converts back to estrogen if it is not used, causing the man’s chest appear like breasts.


Gynecomastia  surgery is considered the most effective and permanent cure for gynecomastia. However, since the gynecomastia Surgery is considered as a cosmetic treatment, itis frequently not covered by insurance, unless it is deemed a mental or physical health hazard.

After evaluating the type of Gynecomastia you are suffering with, your plastic surgeon will help you understand the procedure. Generally, the breast tissues are categorized into two kinds – Glandular tissues, which are dense and firm and Fatty tissues, which are soft.

The ratio of these both tissues varies from person to person. If the fatty tissue is excessive, liposuction may be needed whereas if the glandular tissue is overboard then the excess of it can be surgically removed with a scalpel. At times, a combination of both surgeries may be required to treat Gynecomastia.


The recovery time for your gynecomastia surgery is about six weeks. After week one, you should be able to return to work, but be asked to refrain from any strenuous physical activity for another five weeks. Three to six months after your surgery the swelling will disappear and you’ll be able to see your new chest for the first time. One of the downfalls of any cosmetic surgery is that your doctor may not go “far enough” with the knife – be sure to discuss your goals with your doctor before your surgery to prevent any miscommunications.

Gynecomastia is a treatable condition whether you choose to wait for it to dissolve naturally or get the surgery done on your chest.

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